Available Paintings

Hello and thanks for looking! Here are some current works available. I have many more I will get posted soon! The Spring has been wonderful, here in Oregon, and I am out painting as much as possible, gotta capture those lofty clouds before hot summer sets in! Then it will be a whole other atmosphere to paint.

Monday, May 25, 2015

                                                            'Fanciful Cloud' 11x14 oil $175. framed

'View From a Train' 22x28 oil $325. unframed

'Cloud Study I' 8x10 oil $75. unframed

'Wetland Grasses' 11x14 $125. unframed

'Autumn's Shore' 11x14 oil $250. framed

'Spring Wetlands' 11x14 oil $250. framed

'Winter Sky I' oil $250. framed 

'Cloud Study II' 11x14 oil $150. unframed

'Day at Finley' 8x10 oil $150. framed 

'Winter Sky II' 11x14 oil $250. framed

'Winter Sky III' 11x14 oil $250. framed

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Here is the link to a really nice article in Eugene Art Talk by Bob Keefer:

"Spinners Barn" 8x10, oil, framed $150 SOLD!

"Green Pasture" 8x10 oil, framed $150 SOLD!

"Peaceful View" 8x10 oil, framed $150 SOLD!

"Royal Wetlands" 8x10 oil, framed $225

"Saginaw Wine Barn" 9x12 oil, framed $160

"Serene View" 6x8 oil, framed $100

"Early Summer 12x16 oil, framed $250

Wednesday, June 12, 2013